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Rosa Jordan - Photo by Julie Siegel

Rosa Jordan grew up in the Florida Everglades, earned degrees from universities in California and Mexico, and immigrated to Canada in 1980. Her earliest writings were in the journalism field, articles drawn from high-risk travels in Central and South America. These experiences formed the basis of Dangerous Places: Travels on the Edge, an autobiographical travel narrative in which she consistently probes for the point at which political and social realities intersect with personal courage and compassion.

Her first literary novel, Far From Botany Bay(2008) won the OneBookOneKootenay award for 2011. It was followed by a second novel, The Woman She Was (2012), set in contemporary Cuba.

Rosa Jordan and her partner Derek Choukalos have written two travel guides, Cuba's Best Beaches (2014) and Lonely Planet's Cycling Cuba(2002).  A third non-fiction book about Cuba, Cuba Unspun, came out in December of 2012.

Rosa also has written four young adult novels, Wild Spirits, The Last Wild Place,The Goatnappers, and Lost Goat Lane, which have garnered numerous awards, and the award-winning TV movie, The Sweetest Gift. Many of the animal characters in her movie and young adult books are based on her relationships with the domestic animals of her childhood and the wild ones she has known since.

In cooperation with Earthways Foundation of Malibu, California, Jordan has developed several grass-roots environmental and social justice projects, including food security projects in a Guatemala Mayan village and a jungle cat reserve in Ecuador's Chocó rainforest.

Rosa and Derek live, write, ski, and cycle in the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia.

By Rosa Jordan


Movie Script

Cuba Unspun (non-fiction)
Oolichan Publishing, Fernie BC 2012

The Sweetest Gift
Showtime, 1997. Rebroadcast anually as a Christmas classic and during Black History month

The Woman  She Was (fiction)
Brindle & Glass, Victoria BC 2012


Far From Botany Bay(fiction)
Oolichan Publishing, Fernie BC 2008

All That Glitters
Produced by the West Kootenay Repertory Players at the Miners' Hall, Rossland BC,for Dinner Theater in Trail BC, and at the West Kootenay Drama Festival, Nelson BC, 1987

Lost Goat Lane (middle reader fiction)
Peachtree Publishers, Atlanta, 2004

Articles (partial list)

The Goatnappers(middle reader fiction)
Peachtree Publishers, Atlanta, 2007

"Wild We" (personal essay) Women's Voices, April 2002

The Last Wild Place (middle reader fiction)
Peachtree Publishers, Atlanta, 2008

"Populist President" (Interview with Guyana  president Cheddi Jagan) In These Times, Aug 23 1993

Wild Spirits, (young adult fiction)
Dundurn Press, Toronto, 2010

"Kris Kristofferson" (Interview) The Progressive, September 1991

Dangerous Places: Travels on the Edge
(Non-fiction) Pottersfield Press, Nova Scotia 1997

"Children of Ciudad Romero" (El Salvador) Malibu Surfside News, June 13, 1991

Co-authored with Derek Choukalos

"Guyana: Where Libraries are an Endangered Species" Library Journal, April 15, 1990

Cuba's Best Beaches (travel guide)
Create Space, South Carolina, 2014

"Innocent Abroad" (Argentina/Chile)  The Progressive, August 1989

Cycling Cuba (travel guide)
Lonely Planet Publications, 2002

"Suriname: In Dutch, Out of Touch" In These Times, May 24, 1989

Rossland: the First 100 Years
(regional history) H. Lefevre, Rossland
Museum and BC Heritage Society, 1996

"Epitath for a Light Painter" Omaha Sun, December 16, 1981

The Struggle: A Brief History of Local Labour
Movements & the Rossland Miners' Union Hall

United Steelworkers of America Local 480, 1985

"Churches and Economic Justice" (book review)  Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Spring 1978

Co-authored with Jona Jordan

"Mexico: How to Educate a Politician"
Los Angeles Times, October 31, 1976
Small Wildcats: Keeping Them Alive
(guide to exotic cat care),  published by:
Coddington Veterinary Clinic, Santa Rosa CA
"Coffee Growers Brew Up a Revolution" Los Angeles Times, July 27, 1975


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